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M.KANAHARAJ. M.A., M.Phil. Black Belt. 7th dan. 40 Years Experience in the Karate field.

State Champion: 6 tims. National Champion: 3 tims. AIKF National Karate Coach. Produced National Champions every year.

Participated in AKF Championship, Kualalumpur - 2001. Coach - AKF Championship Macau - 2005. Coach World Karate Championship, Turkey - 2007. Coach, World Karate Championship, Tokyo - 2008.

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M .Kanaharaj . M.A., M.Phil. Black Belt . 7th Dan 40 years experience in the karate field,State champions 6 times, National Champion 3 times, ALKF National karate coach.produced national every year .Participated in the Asian karate championship kulalumpur-1983.Participated in the world karate championship @ Mastrichit,
Nederland -1984, participated in the world karate championship @ Sydney -1986.
Referee; All India karate federation .
Judge: Asian karate federation, Attended  karate training course in Tokyo-1993.
Participated in the 6th world cup @ philipines ,1997.
Participated in the asian karate championship ,Singapore -1999.
Participated in AKF Championship ,Macau -2000.
Participated in AKF Championship , Kualalupur-2001.
Coach – AFK championship macau -2005.
Tournament Director – National Games, Guwahathi , Assam -2007.
Coach – World karate championship ,Turkey -2007.
Attended Karate training course in Tokyo ,1997,
Coach, Turkish invitational karate championship ,Istanbul-2008.
Coach, in the AFK karate championship malayaia -2008.
Coach, World karate Championship ,Tokyo -2008.
Coach, CKF karate Championship, Edinburgh, UK, 2008.Won silver and Bronze.
Coach, 1st Asian Martial Art Championship, Bangkok -2009, won bronze medal.
Coach, CKF Karate championship ,Johnnesburg 2009 .won 5 gold , 22 silver and 67 Bronze .
Coach, World Karate Championship ,Morocco -2009.
Officiated AKF Championship – china 2009.

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